Mark Your Ball This Way to Make More Putts

You may have not heard of him, but he’s likely to be a more prominent name as he makes his way to the PGA Tour next season. Tim Widing tops the points list on the Korn Ferry Tour, after back-to-back wins.

Recently, the KFT shared a clip on their X account of Widing putting with a youngster, showing him how he lines up putts.

What struck me about the clip, is how Widing marks his golf ball. Take a look:

Tim Widing’s golf ball mark

Notice anything different?

Typically, many professionals place a line on their golf ball to aid in alignment. What makes Widing’s markings unique is that he adds a perpendicular line to that aim line. So, in essence he marks it with a “T”.

I thought this was genius. Widing not only has a line to aim his ball, he has another line of where to line up his putterhead. It also helps him visually, in where to hit the ball.

Next time I’m on the course, I’m going to use this when I mark my golf ball. If there are any aids to help me make more putts, I’m in!

Have you ever marked your golf ball with a “T”? How does it work for you?

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