The 5 Best Swings on the PGA Tour

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It’s no easy task narrowing down the best swings on Tour. Every one of these players has a successful move that has made them the best golfers in the world.

And there are many ways to rate a good swing. Repeatable, consistent, simple, rhythmic, pretty, and fundamentally sound are just a few. So, how are we rating the best golf swings? I have to admit, it’s rather subjective. What may be a great swing to me, isn’t to another.

At the top of our list are swings that are pleasant to look at and have a general consensus among others, that this is a great golf swing. You may hear it on telecasts, or among your golf buddies. To us, these are the best of the best.

Max Homa

One of the prettiest swings on Tour today is that of California native, Max Homa. An NCAA champion, Homa is playing great golf of late and has two victories on the PGA Tour (most recently at the Genesis Open / LA Open). We’d go so far as to say it is the best of the rest. Homa’s simple, flowing swing is one you can watch over and over.

James Hahn

Hahn is another proven Tour winner with a beautiful action. Hahn has been quoted in past interviews saying he sometimes “feels” like he is swinging like other players. But his swing, is surely one that he now owns. He’s been playing well too – with top 10’s at the Shriners, Corales and Safeway Open. Hahn is a good-natured pro with a great sense of humor and likeability. His action is simple, and pure.

Tiger Woods

We simply could not make a list of the best golf swings without including the greatest golfer of our lifetime. Woods swing is one that golfers everywhere would love to own – including those playing on Tour. It is powerful, rhythmic and fundamentally sound. His speed and explosion through impact may have been hard on his body – but in later years, has slowed his pace down to prevent injury.

Aaron Baddeley

It seems to us that simplicity of movement tends to translate into beautiful looking golf swings. Case in point is Aaron Baddeley’s golf swing. Baddeley has used a method called “stack and tilt” to move the club where much of the weight seems to stay on his left side throughout the swing. Baddeley is reported to have moved away from this method in early 2011 but his move is one to be emulated (as well as his putting technique / routine).

Adam Scott

No compilation of sweet swingers would be complete without one of the best swings on the PGA Tour: Adam Scott. Many liken Scott’s swing to Tiger Woods‘ swing, as both golfers used Butch Harmon early on in their careers. Scott has been quoted as saying he modeled his swing after Woods. There’s isn’t too much you can find that is out of sync with it.

Update 10/30/22: We previously had Louis Oosthuizen’s golf swing as one of the top 5 best swings. However, since joining LIV Golf, we have removed him from the best on the Tour and replaced him with Adam Scott.

Who did we miss? We’d love to hear your thoughts on the best swings on Tour.

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