Scottie Scheffler’s Training Aid Golf Grip

Scottie Scheffler’s golf training grip / Photo illustration taken from still on YouTube video

World number one, Scottie Scheffler is playing the game – tee to green – better than anyone on the PGA Tour. He is one of the best ball-strikers, routinely hitting his shots on the green and close to the hole.

One of his main keys to success is a focus on fundamentals. If you were to watch his practice sessions, he is routinely checking ball position, alignment, and his grip. Even when he sets up to hit a shot during play, a focus on where the placement of his hands on the golf club is present.

In his range sessions, Scheffler will use a golf club with a special grip on it. It is molded to allow the hands to fit on the club perfectly every time. This grip has been instrumental in keeping a consistent grip over the years.

Recently, during a PGA Tour LIVE “On the Range” at THE PLAYERS Championship, commentators remarked about this special grip and its affect on Scheffler’s game. How it enables him to get his hands in the correct position every time.

I wanted to see where I could find this grip online and discovered that Amazon sells 2 right-handed grips for $15. I thought this was a fair price, given the design of the grip. It is sold by a company called Yuyeran.

Scheffler’s golf grip training aid / Amazon

Perhaps this is something that might improve your golf game too – and your fundamentals.

Have you ever used a golf grip training aid like this? How has it helped your game?

To purchase the training aid golf grip

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