Look Like a Golf Pro: How to Correctly Mark Your Golf Ball

Now this is something that a lot of people get wrong. They are all well-meaning and no harm is caused (except when you inadvertently bump the ball, causing yourself a penalty) :)

So after you have gotten your golf ball onto the green – how should you mark it? It’s really quite simple.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A coin
  • Or other round, flat object

(No! Don’t use your tee – or that goofy ball marker attached to your golf glove! No, no, no!)

I typically use quarters or pennies when marking my ball. Quarters are preferred, as they tend to stick out a bit better than others – and they are easier to spot.

Bending down, place the coin (or flat, round object) directly behind the ball, making sure that you do not place it so close that you bump the golf ball. After placing the ball on the ground behind the ball, now you may go ahead and pick it up.

I see a lot of people who pick up their golf ball FIRST and then place the mark down. This is a no-no. Don’t do that! :)

There you have it – how to professionally mark your golf ball on the green.

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