How to Develop a Body-Led Swing

Photo by Mick Haupt on Unsplash

One of the real struggles for golfers is to swing the golf club using bigger muscles. In an attempt to steer or guide the golf ball, we often resort to getting overly active with our hands and/or arms in the swing. Unless we have impeccable timing, this will lead to poor golf shots.

A great drill for engaging the bigger muscles and to be more of a “body-swinger” is the rope drill.

Now, I first heard about this from Danny Maude on his YouTube channel. I think it’s a simple, and easy way to engage the body – not the hands. Have a look.

This is so effective because it really teaches the body how to move through the swing / and the ball. If you utilize the hands / arms too much, you aren’t going to be moving the rope in a circular fashion.

If you can get this drill right, you will hit the ball better and more effortlessly. As Maude says, you will be more consistent and compress the ball better (like the top golfers).

Another way to think about body led swings

When I’m on the course and feel like I’m getting a little “flippy” with the hands – I often try and resort to the feeling of throwing water out of a large bucket. The momentum that is required to do this initiates a lot of the bigger muscles and body to accomplish. You can get flippy if you want to throw the water far. I will also relate this to people I’m golfing with who may be struggling to use their body well in the swing.

But, I do love this rope drill. It simplifies the idea of swinging with the body (not hands) and will get you in the proper position to make descending (irons) and ascending (driver) strikes.

What do you think? How do you get into a body-led motion?

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