Taste of the Masters Review

Taste of the Masters offering (ice tea sold separately)

Is there any golf event that conjures up more raw emotions than the Masters? I’ve been watching the event since I started golfing around the age of 13. Many of my memories revolve around watching the event with my father, who also loved the game.

What’s special about the Masters is all the things unique only to the event. From the Par 3 contest, to Magnolia Lane. From the “patrons” to players receiving special invitations to play. And even though I’ve never been to Augusta National, the affordable and (what some say) delicious food offerings.

So, when the Masters started to offer a sampling of their food a couple years ago, I was excited to give the food a try. Though, I never placed an order the first year (I was a little gun-shy of the price – to be honest), I finally opened up the wallet last year.

The Masters has a deal with Fantacs.com to fulfill their orders for the food sampling, called “Taste of the Masters”. I imagine the task of trying to ship so many orders in a shorter time frame is a bit daunting – even for the golf club that seems to be able to produce perfect golfing conditions at will. If you’re on the Masters mailing list, you will get an email about two weeks before the tournament begins about placing an order for the box o’ food.

And, Fanatics did an excellent job. There were a couple of items (the pimento and cheese and egg salad) that needed to ship chilled and they arrived as such.

Dry goods from Taste of the Masters

What’s in the Taste of the Masters?

So, you’re probably wondering, what is all in the package? So, in the 2021 box, this is all that arrived:

  • Container of pimento and cheese
  • Container of egg salad
  • Container of BBQ beef
  • Bags of potato chips
  • Bags of caramel popcorn
  • Several chocolate chip cookies (one of my favorites)
  • About a dozen quality plastic cups (yes, with the Masters logo)
  • Serving sheets
  • And a note card about how to prep the food, ie

The price of all these items (which came in a fairly large box) was $150. With shipping and taxes, it was about $162.

Egg salad and pimento and cheese sandwiches

For someone who has never been to the Masters (and more than likely won’t after all the 25+ missed opportunities in their lucky ticket drawing), it is something that was worth the price. Especially for someone like myself who loves the tournament and all that surrounds it. It truly is one of the rarest of events and the way they handle it is with such grace and dignity.

It certainly is a hefty price tag. But, if you invite some family and friends over to the house to watch, it will definitely feed 5-10 people (rough estimate).

Chilled goods from Taste of the Masters

The best part of Taste of the Masters?

I guess the whole experience and receiving of this package “from Augusta” was special. I don’t own any memorabilia from the event. And, so this was a unique treat to indulge in. Besides the food, I thought the cups were a cool item to have. Since there are so many in the package, I was able to gift some to friends and family.

I really enjoyed the chocolate chip cookies and liked the pimento and cheese better than I thought I would. I know many rave about the pimento sandwiches the most. It probably is one of the rarest foods served at a golf event – but likely native to the area.

It was a pleasant surprise all around and hoping they’ll do this again next year. I believe this was an excellent way to reach out to fans who couldn’t attend the event due to COVID-19. Hope the tradition unlike any other, continues.

I’m curious if you ordered the Taste of the Masters and what your thoughts were? Would you buy it again? And, how did it compare to the food you purchased on-site (if you’ve attended the Masters?

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