Which Golf Ball Should I Use?

Photo by Soheb Zaidi / Unsplash

If you’re just starting out or you’ve been at the game for awhile – you may be wondering: which golf ball should I play? The answer really isn’t as complex as  you may think.

Time for an honest assessment

Okay. Now we all know there is the golfer we think we are and then the golfer we actually are. I want you to get in touch with that latter golfer. :) I know self-assessments are never easy. But this one needs to be made before we can adequately answer the golf ball question.

For me (honestly) I’ve been as high as a +1 and am now closer to a 3-5 handicapper after years of being away from competitive golf and not playing as much.

Which golf ball?

There are several different types of golf balls on the market. The first kind is what I lovingly call, “rocks”. These are your hard cover – very durable balls. Typically these are manufactured for your higher-handicap golfers who do not swing as fast. That’s the key here: do not swing as fast. So, the slower the swing – the more you want a ball that can quickly jump off the clubface. These are often referred to as “two-piece” golf balls.

Another type of ball of golf ball is one for the lower-handicappers; including your golf pros. This is a softner and less durable ball that is for the faster swing. Because lower handicappers generally prefer control over distance – this is the ball they play. And generally – its construction is “three-piece”.

I hope this helps you pick out your next golf ball!

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