Continuous Motion Drill For Better Swings

Photo by Courtney Cook on Unsplash

I’m often amazed sometimes how we all complicate an athletic move like the golf swing. In a attempt to get better, we’ll sometimes over-analyze the golf swing and end up getting worse.

I’m a big believer in simplifying things. How can I get to the root of my own swing flaws without getting too technical? Or help someone else? Rarely do we overanalyze how we toss a crimpled up piece of paper in the waste basket and yet, we love to philosophize and pick at every move in the golf swing.

The golf swing — like swinging a bat, tennis racquet, i.e. — is meant to be an athletic move that we hope to happen naturally. Not everyone has natural, athletic motions, but they can be developed if practiced, like most other things.

So, I love when I happened upon Be Better Golf’s video with Dr. Kwon of Texas, discussing how to make the golf swing more effortless and “non-contrived”.

Here’s a look at it (you don’t need to watch all of it, as it tends to get a little into the weeds).

What I like about this drill is how it takes away the mechanics of the golf swing and makes the motion of the golf swing more natural and in line with what the body wants to do.

It reminded me a bit of Will Zalatoris’s pre-shot routine before he gets up to hit a shot – particularly the driver. He will often make repeated, quick shorter swings and then addresses and strikes the ball. While it probably helps him get the nerves out, it also gets his mind ready to make a athletic move at the ball.

What are your thoughts on this drill? How are you setting yourself up for a more athletic, freeing motion that will help you make a gutsy pass at the golf ball?

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