Up and Down by Bubba Watson: Book Review

I first learned about Bubba Watson’s new book after reading about his split with long-time caddy, Ted Scott. A 15-year partnership that ended not soon after this year’s victorious U.S. Ryder Cup, had me a bit puzzled.

So, I started investigating a bit more on his social media feeds and then his website to see if there were any indications the “break-up” was imminent. I knew the pair were not only steady partners on the golf course but good friends as well.

I discovered his website had been updated and a new link for an upcoming book placed in the menu. So, I submitted my email to check-out a couple free chapters. Written with Don Yaeger (co-author of Jack Nicklaus II’s Best Seat in the House), it goes on sale at the beginning of November (2021).

Watson has been a fixture on the PGA Tour since 2006, winning 12 times including two Masters wins. In his rookie years, he was a bit of a lightening rod with his boldness/brashness on the course and often getting negative press for comments made that were (sometimes) misconstrued / twisted.

As a professing Christian and father of two adopted children, Watson has been quoted as saying he wants to continually better himself – both on and off the course. The past few years, his openness about mental health struggles—that saw him drop weight and lose some of his length and touch on the course—have endeared him to more fans.

I’ve been a long-time follower of Bubba’s ever since he started doing comedic videos on his social media channel and ending them with his trademark “You’re welcome” saying. He was responsive and seemed to enjoy playing to fans.

quick review of up and down (so far)

While I’ve only had the opportunity to review a couple chapters of his book – it didn’t take me long to read them. I’m interested in the lives these touring pros lead – and since it was Bubba, I had personal interest. Having gone through similar life experiences (being a Christian, losing a father at a young age to cancer and dealing with anxiety), I was curious to read about how he’s weathered the storms while being a public figure.

Watson is typically an open book and great interview in-person – and this book seems to strike a similar tone. He shares about his recent battles with anxiety, losing weight and the fear he experienced about whether he may end up like his father – dying young and leaving a family behind.

He also writes about playing with Tiger and how those early rounds with the game’s best player spurred him on to greater self-belief.

Known as a mostly self-taught player who shapes shots every which way and bombs it at will, I’m interested to read more of Up and Down when it becomes available early November (2021).

Have you had a chance to preview the book?

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