Who Are the Christians on the PGA Tour?

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As a Christian – I love to discover who the believers in Jesus Christ are on the PGA Tour. It’s neat to see how they are using their platform for the glory of God.

Matthew 5:17 calls Christians to “let their light shine before others so that they may see your good works and give glory to your father who is in heaven.” Obviously some are more vocal about their faith than others.

Growing up, I was a big fan of Tom Lehman. On several occasions, the former British Open champion made his faith known and become a great role model to me. I loved how he carried himself, seemed humble and was well-respected by his peers.

So, as a Christian yourself (or someone who may be interested in the subject), you could be curious about who are the other Christians on Tour. I will try and keep this list updated as the time goes by. While I’m not connected to the Tour or do I know these players’ hearts – I am going by reports about their faith or things they’ve said or wrote.

Feel free to let me know in the comments if you know of other Christians who are not on this list.

Discover who the Christian’s on the LPGA Tour are.

Updated as of the 2023-2024 PGA Tour season

Aaron Baddeley
Wesley Bryan
Hayden Buckley
Sam Burns
Jonathan Byrd
Stewart Cink
Ben Crane
MJ Daffue
Will Gordon
Chesson Hadley
Russell Henley
Zach Johnson
Joohyung "Tom" Kim
Philip Knowles
Matt Kuchar
Davis Love III
Ben Martin
Mac Meissner
Trey Mullinax
Andrew Putnam
Scottie Scheffler
Webb Simpson
Jordan Spieth
Scott Stallings
Jimmy Stanger
Sam Stevens
Kevin Streelman
Josh Teater
Davis Thompson
Tom Whitney
Carson Young

World #1 and 2022 Masters Champion, Scottie Scheffler and what his faith means to him.

Stewart Cink acknowledges the importance of his faith in Christ after his win at the 2021 Heritage.


    • Avatar
      Aaron says:

      Hi Steve. You may be right about Jordan – I just haven’t come across any quotes or stories where he discusses his faith in Christ. Have you?

      • Avatar
        Doug McGraw says:

        Spieth is not overt in his devotion to God, though he has referenced on the odd occasion his attendance of the Bible classes organized by fellow believers on the PGA Tour. A good Christian brother of mine drove Spieth and his caddy during the 4 days of the U.S. Open at Chambers Bay. He talked about what a wonderful young man he was. Jordan and his caddy, also a Christian, prayed together in the car prior to getting out each day. My friend met his family …. and they all prayed together.

  1. Avatar
    Patrick McClarty says:

    Brandt Snedeker is a Christian. I have been behind him in line to take communion, and have heard him express his faith to friends I know.

    • Avatar
      Aaron says:

      Thanks for letting us know, Patrick! I know he hangs around with some of the other Christians on Tour, like Bubba, but haven’t seen anything publicly written about his faith / testimony.

      • Avatar
        Patrick McClarty says:

        I agree with you there, haven’t seen publicly. But, when in Nashville, he attends a very strong Christian church that teaches the Word. Pastor is awesome. I certainly understand just attending does not make you a Christian, but I have heard he has confessed his Christian faith.

  2. Avatar
    Georgie says:

    Please go to the person and ask before publishing something like this. We are strong believers and want to know who our Brothers in Christ are. So thankful someone commented about Phil Michelson and Jordan Spieth.

    • Avatar
      Aaron says:

      Hi Georgie. I’m only going off of published reports of what players have said about their own Christian faiths and have linked each golfer to those reports. If I can’t find something about their faith somewhere, they aren’t listed (doesn’t mean there aren’t more Christians on the PGA Tour).

  3. Avatar
    Rick says:

    It is good to know that all the Australians on the Tour apart from one live in the real world. Great people who do not require myth and superstition to navigate through life.

    • Avatar
      Tray says:

      Rick, you said “it is good to know”….what is “good” apart from God? What are “great people” apart from God? By What standard? What basis are you operating on in order to provide the preconditions necessary to make the “real world” intelligible? What standard are you using to deem something as “myth” or “superstitious”? You have to provide a basis for such claims, otherwise they are completely arbitrary, and hold no water, as there is no foundation supporting them.

  4. Avatar
    Susie Amerise says:

    I was very happy to hear about Jordan Spieth and his faith in Christ because it shows in all his actions and words. I knew he went to Bible studies with Bubba when he was brand new on tour and winning
    His faith shows in How He treats people and speaks. He is a very humble young man. And here the PGA so much!!! He would never go to Liv! And I am so surprised and sad to hear Bubba is leaving PGA for Liv! Very sad. But God knows his heart and motivations.

    • Avatar
      Aaron says:

      Hi Susie – Yes, it’s a bit harder to find information about Jordan’s faith, because I’ve actually never heard him mention it in interviews, ie. He seems to keep it private. I hope to write more about LIV soon – as (like everyone) I have some opinions about it too!

  5. Avatar
    Stephen Evans says:

    Please can someone explain to me how those who profess to follow Jesus can join the LIV tour.

    Any Saudi Arabian who professes Jesus is executed- it is regarded as apostasy. How can followers of Jesus effectively support such a state. Surely the main motive is money and we know that greed is idolatry. (Colossions 3)

    • Avatar
      Aaron says:

      You make a good point, Stephen and is something I have certainly thought about. Suppose one can make the case for hypocrisy in many different instances a Christian associates themselves with a “tainted” product/company or country. Sometimes we aren’t aware of what we’re supporting (in the case of gasoline / where our gas comes from: is it Saudi Arabia, or?).

    • Avatar
      DEE says:


  6. Avatar
    Luke Raczykowski says:

    Thank you for creating this list and for keeping it updated! I enjoy rooting for Christian brothers in sports, and this list is both helpful and encouraging. Blessings in Christ!

  7. Avatar
    Tim Smith says:

    Maybe the Christians who are going to the Liv tour will try to share Jesus Christ over there?? God works in strange ways. Jesus tells us “Therefore go and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and the Son and the Holy Spirit.” – Matt 28:19-

    • Avatar
      Aaron says:

      Hi Kenneth. I believe Finau is a Mormon, which has some contrary views to Christianity (they hold the Book of Mormon as an accompany to the Bible). While I consider Finau a great human, I’d reference this article which speaks to the differences between the two.

      • Avatar
        KENNETH LASSON says:

        The Church Tony Fianu is a member of is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day saints. If that’s not Christian, you need to explain to me what is.

      • Avatar
        Thomas Clendening says:

        Mormons also believe that Christ was a created angel rather than having been the eternal God/Son. This makes him a spirit brother of Lucifer rather than the Son in the Holy Trinity. Mormons do not believe in the deity of Christ, making it rather strange that they refer to themselves as “christian”. Christ’s deity along with his resurrection are at the core of the Christian faith without the resurrection, Christ is just another guy….there is no Christianity without the resurrection.

  8. Avatar
    Thomas Clendening says:

    Will Zalatoris is also a lifelong Christian. I know him and his family and he’s been vocal about his faith as well.

    • Avatar
      Aaron says:

      Thanks Thomas – I have always wondered about Will, with going to a Christian academy and his association with Scottie. I just haven’t come across anything written about him or interviews where he is vocal about his faith.

  9. Avatar
    Keith Winder says:

    Members of the Church of Jesus Christ do indeed believe in the Deity of Christ. He was the great Jehovah of the Old Testament and as the son of God he is a member of the godhead.

    • Avatar
      Aaron says:

      Hey Shutyourmouthguy. I’m surprised you’re taking the position of whether or not Jesus is made up. Most don’t argue his existence (this is hard to refute). Many argue whether or not Jesus’ claims about himself where true (ability to forgive sins, that he’s equal with God, ie). Here’s a video that helps explain more about him.

  10. Avatar
    Chuck Kourtjian says:

    Thanks for sharing this list Aaron. Jesus said to let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven. I admire professionals that boldly proclaim their faith in Jesus. Earth will pass away one day, but God’s words will never pass away. I heard Rickie Fowler is a Christian too. Will be rooting for these guys.

    • Avatar
      Aaron says:

      Thanks for the comment Chuck. I’ve also heard this about Rickie, but haven’t come across anything public about his faith. I know he used to hang out with Bubba, Webb, Jordan.

    • Avatar
      Aaron says:

      Thanks Chuck! Tom has been consistent in his wins to offer glory to God – neat to see. Such a breath of fresh air on the PGA Tour too.

  11. Avatar
    Michael evans says:

    Because all they care about is money they are all two faced I bet they all profess their support for israel because of the bible all greed merchants

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