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Taste of the Masters Review

Is there any golf event that conjures up more raw emotions than the Masters? I’ve been watching the event since I started golfing around the age of 13. Many of my memories revolve around watching the event with my father, who also loved the game. What’s special about the Masters is all the things unique …

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Up and Down by Bubba Watson: Book Review

I first learned about Bubba Watson’s new book after reading about his split with long-time caddy, Ted Scott. A 15-year partnership that ended not soon after this year’s victorious U.S. Ryder Cup, had me a bit puzzled. So, I started investigating a bit more on his social media feeds and then his website to see …

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Book Review: Best Seat in the House by Jack Nicklaus II

I recently finished “Jackie” Nicklaus’ book about his namesake father, Best Seat in the House. I want to share a little bit about what I learned from it and my overall impressions of the book. To me, Jack Nicklaus has always been the benchmark of golfing excellence and how we – as golfers – should …

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