5 Golf YouTube Channels Worth Your Time

Screenshot of The Golfer’s Journal YouTube channel

Today, there are plenty of videos out there about golf. From instruction, old golf tourneys, to playing videos, you can spend hours watching golf on YouTube. But which are some of the channels worth your time?

Well, don’t worry, we have you covered.

Here are some of our favorite YouTube channels and why we think they could be beneficial to your game OR just fun to follow along.


George and Wesley Bryan started this channel almost 10 years ago to showcase their trick-shot skills and golfing prowess. It has to be one of the first entertainment “golfing” channels on YouTube. Both were (are) aiming to play golf on the “big tour.” It was Wesley who started to excel in tournaments and eventually made his way on to the PGA Tour and claimed his sole tournament victory at Hilton Head. The channel now features some of their golf matches with other golfers (and between themselves), and shares their journey as they rebuild a golf course they now co-own. George Bryan is the host of the channel offering chatty (almost non-stop) banter throughout, while Wesley offers wise-cracks and displays his world-class short game that helped elevate him among the top in the game. While Wesley often comes out on top between the two, George is a excellent player, who you may see in some upcoming pro events. You can learn a lot from how the brothers work their way around the course, analyze golf shots and be inspired by their overall positive attitude on the course.


DeChambeau may not be everyone’s favorite golfer due to his sometimes brash manner OR since joining LIV Golf, but he’s probably got one of the more transparent and helpful channels on YouTube by a top-level professional. And that is exactly DeChambeau’s aim – to help the average golfer with inside tricks and tips that could elevate their game. I’ve learned quite a few things already for him that I’ve taken to heart. Given the propensity of some pros to guard their “secrets”, it is refreshing to see DeChambeau open up and reveal some of the things that have made him successful. Most of his channel offers these insider tips and looks at his game, along with matches he’ll hold against other YouTube golfers / pros and celebrities (including Chris Pratt). His competitive nature shows though and you will also see a side of him you will not see anywhere else.


Mike Malaska was good enough to play several events on the PGA Tour – but never gained the success he desired. Some of it (as he’s described) was due to poor fundamentals and not properly understanding his own golf swing. He eventually went to work as a teaching professional and is now considered one of the top 50 instructors in the world. Spend any time on his YouTube channel and you’ll see why. He makes learning the game approachable and easy-to-understand. Some of his videos show the average and better golfers getting lessons, highlighting Malaska’s ability to teach all levels. From short game to driving, your game will be helped by viewing some of Malaska’s “shorter” and digestible instructional YouTube videos.


One of the fastest growing YouTube golf channels out there today is Good Good. Started just three years ago by entrepreneur Matt Kendrick and Garrett Clark (who also runs the GM Golf channel), it is a good natured channel showcasing a bunch of friends who love golf and play unique, fun matches against one another. Who would have thought that watching some young guys golf would (could?) be entertaining? I guess the same could be said about watching people play video games – but such is the world we live in. With over 1 million subscribers and counting, Good Good uploads videos every week or so with engaging content. The friends will quickly grow on you as you learn their tendencies and personalities. Good Good has become more than just a YouTube channel, branching out into a golf “lifestyle” brand with clothing and even golf equipment (putters). And recently have signed a partnership with Callaway golf. One interesting fact about Good Good I learned from a video with CEO / Founder, Kendrick, is they earn more money from selling their clothes than from their video views! If you’re struggling with loving the game, you may just want to tune in to see if their youthful enjoyment of the game might rub off on you.


The subscription-based, The Golfer’s Journal, has some interesting content on their YouTube channel that is worth checking out. Brendon Thomas started this high-class, ad-free, aesthetically pleasing golf magazine for golfers who can’t get enough of the game. A subscription to the journal offers readers access to their “Broken Tee Society”, golf outings at premiere golf courses, and other rewards. Some of their interviews and other content end up on their YouTube channel for the public to see. A couple interviews I recently found fascinating where with Chad Mumm, director of Netflix’s Full Swing series that featured some of the PGA Tour stars and the “Short Game Chef,” Parker McLauchlin. If you’re looking for something that is a bit out-of-the-ordinary in golf YouTube videos, you may want to see what The Golfer’s Journal channel has cooking.

There you have it. I’d love to hear some of your favorite go-to YouTube golf channels!

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