Bryson DeChambeau’s Unusual Putting Tip That Turned His Game Around

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During one of Bryson DeChambeau’s YouTube videos, he provided viewers with three different putting tips to improve their game. One of these tips was a secret he has rarely shared.

I first heard about this tip while watching another video of DeChambeau golfing with a member of GoodGood. It was such a short explanation, that I didn’t quite get it (even after replaying it several times). I also thought to myself, “For real?” I didn’t think this one adjustment would make that much difference and is something that I had never even considered.

During his video, DeChambeau goes deeper into the reason for doing this and how it impacted his game. He says this (along with a tip from Tiger about putting launch angles) turned his putting game around.

To be sure, DeChambeau is considered one of the better putters in professional golf—which is an opinion shared by his peers. (DeChambeau is now a member of LIV Golf.)

Putting tip to help you roll it better

So, what is this unusual method of putting? DeChambeau makes sure that he is hitting the top/bottom part of a dimple (not the sides of the dimple). I’ve forwarded through to the video where he explains his approach:

I had never heard of a golfer doing this before. But when you consider the golf ball is made up of about 330 dimples, that are concave, it makes more sense that you want to be hitting the golf ball on a “flatter” section.

DeChambeau explains that it is best to hit the top/bottom of the dimple, so you are launching the golf ball correctly. He also mentions this will be more important on five footers and less (not the 30 footers).

And, if all this talk about launch angles in putting has you puzzled, I hear you. When the putterhead meets the back of the golf ball, it does launch it somewhat into the air. This is why many pros want to get the ball rolling end-over-end early and quickly. They do this by connecting with the ball slightly on the upswing of the stroke.

Here’s a little more on launch angles from PGA pro, Todd Kolb.

Back to DeChambeau’s putting tip. I’m going to include a screen shot from his video to help explain it more. But you want to find a dimple on the golf ball, mark it off, and then draw a line on the golf ball so that you can be hitting the top/bottom part of the dimple. Here’s how he drew it up:

Where you want to be hitting the golf ball on putts / Still from DeChambeau’s video

Honestly, I do not know how impactful this tip will be (I have yet to try it out). If one of the best putters in the world is giving it a go, why not try it too? I also think the more you can “shore up” the mental side of putting, the better you will putt (as putting is a lot about confidence). So, in some sense, it could be a placebo for the golfer.

To purchase a golf ball “line” marker, similar to the one DeChambeau is using in the video, check out this tool on Amazon.

I’d love to hear if you noticed any difference after using this tip.

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