6 Christmas Gifts for Better Golfers

Searching for the best Christmas gift to give the golfer in your life? Well, I hope you find what you’re looking for here in my gift guide.

Since I first got hooked on the game in my early teens, I’ve received a lot of “golfer” gifts for Christmas by well-meaning family and friends. Being that golf was (is) one of my main loves, I can understand why some non-golfers in my life picked gifts they thought I’d enjoy.

But, I’m a fairly picky person. And I have particular tastes and things I like (don’t like) surrounding golf. I play a particular brand of golf ball, like certain clothing brands and golf clubs and accessories. I (don’t think) I’m a snob but, it’s just the way I am.

And, I would probably say a lot of other golfers are the same way (yet, there are some things a lot of us golfers can agree on liking).

I’d love to know of any other Christmas gifts for golfers I’ve left out and what you like about them in the comments section!

Titleist Pro-V1 golf balls

Perhaps one gift that a lot of us golfers can come to a consensus on, are Titleist golf balls. Used by a majority of top pros and amateurs, the Pro V1s (or V1x) are the go-to in golf balls.  Giving this to an avid golfer in your life will likely cause them to raise their eyebrows as it is one of those gifts that a skilled golfer will appreciate.

$50+ (Prior generation, used for $20)

Range finders

It was only this past season — after my wife gifted me one — that I started using a range finder. And, I can say, it truly helped my game. From checking distance to carry an object or corner, to finding yardage to the end of a dog-leg, to getting the exact yardage to the pin, a range finder is something most golf fanatics will put in their bag. Now, I don’t particular have a favorite brand. Mine is actually an off-brand that was around $100 – but I know some of my playing partners carry name brands, like Bushnell. I just don’t think paying an extra $100 more is that advantageous, as they all seem to function similarly.

$75 and up

Push cart

I’ve recently written about my favorite push cart on the market: the Clicgear. This thing is lovely. It folds up nicely to fit in any truck and holds your golf bag securely and rolls along the fairways with ease. And (something that is hard to do with a push cart) is attractive. There are many accessories that Clicgear sells to adorn the cart as well, from a seat to umbrella holder. If you have the funds and want to give your better golfer who enjoys the walk something special, this push cart may be the ticket.


Practice net

Most “addicted” golfers love to hold and swing a golf club. I have one in my office that I regularly will grab and practice swinging. You might even see us swinging with an invisible golf club if one is not handy! Since we don’t all live on golf courses or have a range nearby, the closest thing to hitting a golf ball is with a practice net. Many use these in their back yards, garages OR even basement (if there’s enough room and the spouse is on board). I do not personally have this – but I wouldn’t mind having one.


Chippo golf game

An item that came onto the market several  years ago and piqued my interest (since I love cornhole / bean bag toss games), is Chippo – a chipping game where golfers chip at a board hoping to get it into one of the holes. Though it is rather expensive, and perhaps something that an industrious person could make on their own, it looks like a fun game for the golfer to use in entertaining others or in their time off the course.


Golf gift card

And, if all else fails, a gift card to Golf Galaxy, or the neighborhood golf shop or golf course, could be something your avid golfer will appreciate. Since we tend to be the picky (particular) sort, this could be another way to go.

Again, I’d love to hear of other Christmas golf gifts for the better golfer that I may have missed. Be sure to skip the trinkets and gadgets that are a dime a dozen at stores. They’re not likely to amuse the golfer in your life.

A merry Christmas to you and yours!

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