A Secret to Golf: Eliminate One Side of the Golf Course

The greatest golfers of all time have one thing in common: their ability to eliminate one side of the golf course. For Ben Hogan – who struggled for years with a hook – it was taking out the left side of the golf course with his reliable fade. And, so was the case with Jack Nicklaus who hit high towering fades.

To manage your game and play your best, gutsy golf – you will need a “go-to” shot that will put the ball in play. Under pressure, this will be the shot you’ll rely on when you just need your body to react – and take over.

You’ll discover your go-to shot on the range when you practice. What comes most naturally to you when you hit shot after shot? Is it the fade? A slight draw? When you find that your ball flight tends to go in the direction of a right to left vs. a left to right pattern time and time again (or vice verse) – you will have found your “go-to” shot.

So when you stand on the tee with water down the left-hand side, you will have no fear in lining up at the left side of the fairway and letting the shot naturally fall right into the center. You’ll be able to confidently swing with freedom – and play gutsy golf.

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