The Best Push Golf Cart 2023

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After years of carrying my golf bag around the golf course, I decided to buy a push cart in 2020.

Thinking one needed to reach a certain age to use a push cart, I only wish I had purchased one sooner! I would often rent a push or pull cart on occasion from different courses I was playing at, but they never seemed very “attractive” or functional. But they sure eased my back and shoulder pains.

One of my good golfing buddies used a push cart that looked great, easy to maneuver around the course and functional to the max.

I decided to look up the company that made his cart and went online to learn more about Clicgear. I loved their products and wanted to order one on the spot. However, this was 2020 and everyone was hitting the course due to the pandemic. Clicgear was sold-out of them online and when they did become available, were sold out within hours!

So I decided to take my search to Craigslist. I posted a “wanted” ad looking for a white Clicgear, and within a few days, a nice lady reached out and said she was moving and had a cart that was only used two or three times! I was surprised I located one – as everyplace seemed sold out.

Who is Clicgear?

Clicgear is a Hong Kong-based company that has a subsidiary in Canby, Oregon. They won the “Best New Product” at the 2007 PGA Merchandise Show and are designed by Kevin Kimberley, an industrial designer who lives in Hong Kong.

If you go onto the golf course today, my guess is that 25-30% of the push golf carts out there are Clicgear. This is how much people love them and the popularity they’ve enjoyed.

What makes their carts so unique and appealing is their slick design and ability to “transform” it within seconds. It folds to easily fit inside of your truck. The carts also have numerous well-designed accessories from umbrella holders, to benches that attach to the carts.

They come in various models and colors from white to pink! The model that I have is a white 3.5+.

Are clicgear carts any good?

I love my Clicgear. Although I initially (well, okay, I still do at times) struggled to properly unfold the cart and set it up (there is a method to it’s unfolding – and I tend to not read the directions!), it is not something that takes a ton of effort. Within minutes, the cart is ready to go.

Since I bought my cart from an individual seller at a discount (retail price for a 4.0 model is about $300), I have had some “alignment” issues, where the cart wants to vear to the left, I know my golfing buddy’s cart works great (and doesn’t have this problem). This is something I just haven’t taken the time to fix.

But overall, the cart is super functional and easy to use. It has a handy pop-up container near the handle that holds several golf balls, tees, and scorecard. There’s also a hand break and pouch where you can throw your drinks, whatever you want to lug around the course.

You can add to your cart and customize it to your hearts desire. From a cart seat, to brushes, to a cooler bag.

While I’ve never seen the carts go on sale, they do have sales on the accessories from time to time. Just be sure to sign-up for their emails.

What are your thoughts?

So, what do you think is the best push golf cart out there? I’d love to know your thoughts and if you have a Clicgear, how has it been working out for you?

Learn more about Clicgear or to purchase

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    George B. says:

    When my Clicgear had a problem with the lock at the end of the push arm, I had to replace the part. In order to do so, had to undo the cable to do so which was no easy job. Even with the video, I found it impossible so, I trashed the unit and now using my very old Sun Mountain. If a Clicgear cart is purchased, I hope the same problem I had does not happen to you. Except for this problem, an outstanding cart.

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