Play Golf With (Controlled) Recklessness

I recently came across this short Secret Golf interview segment of PGA Tour player, Patton Kizzire talking about advice he heard from the great Jackie Burke. In it, Burke talks about playing with a “controlled recklessness”.

Kizzire says this is something he has been trying to employ in his game. And, the advice is excellent for any golfer wishing to play with freedom and something we want to promote at Gutsy Golf.

Conservative target – aggressive swing

I first heard the saying, “make an aggressive swing to a conservative target” from Nick Price when he was playing some of his best golf. But, I think Price got this from Jack Nicklaus. Nicklaus was a golfer who rarely beat himself because he swung aggressively and with freedom to conservative targets (and only took dead aim when the situation presented itself).

If you are struggling to maintain freedom on the golf course or in tournaments, take this advice to heart. It’s something that I believe will help take your mental game (and game) to another level.

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