How to Get Comfortable Shooting Lower Scores

Photo by Lukáš Opekar on Unsplash

As we all know, golf is a mental game. Getting out of our own way as we play is a large part of shooting lower scores. A lot of this begins in our heads.

After shooting an unbelievable 58 at The Greenbrier on the LIV Golf tour, Bryson DeChambeau was asked about how to shoot lower scores. His response was simple and genius.

“You just go to the front tees, try and shoot under 60. If you can do that and you consistently are able to do that every single round you play, get in that comfortable mind of, okay, I’m 10-, 11-, 12-under, let’s keep going, pedal to the metal, that gets you in a great mindset.”

Such a brilliant solution to helping golfers overcome the hurdle of shooting lower scores.

Having “been there” in a situation on the golf course, including shooting under par, gives you loads of confidence. I still recall the first time I shot under par on 9 holes. And, breaking 70. These were huge milestones for myself.

As a golfer, these memories stick with you and build loads of “I can do it” mentality to your golf game.

Even if you are tricking yourself into shooting lower, take it from a professional golfer who has used this tactic to score lower. Tee up from a forward teebox, and go low!

Have you ever tried this?

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